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Odunukwe NN and Akinsete I. Hepatic function tests and effect of frequent painful crisis on hepatic function tests in adult sickle cell anaemia patients in steady state in Enugu. Nigeria. Niger Med J. 38(1): 21 - 23.
Odunukwe NN, Salako LA, Okany CC et al (2000). Serum ferritin and other Haematological measurements in apparently healthy adults with malaria parasitaemia in Lagos, Nigeria. Trop. Med. Inst. Health 5(8): 583 - 586.
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Savage KO, Enwonwu CO, Falkler WA, Idigbe EO, Ibrahim MM, Afolabi BM, Onwujekwe D and Akinosho R (2000): Oral cleanliness and periodontal status of children in the south-western and North western regions of Nigeria. Nig. Quarterly J. of Hosp. Med. 9(4): 274 - 278.
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Enwonwu CO, Falkler WA, Idigbe EO, Barmes DE (2000): Oro-facial gangrene (NOMA/Cancrum Oris): Pathogenic Mechanisms Critical Reviews in Oral Biol and Med. XI(2): 34 - 39.
Enwonwu CO, Afolabi BM, Salako LA, Idigbe EO and Bashirelahi N (2000): Increased Plasma levels of Instidine and histamine in falciparum malaria: Relevance to severity of infection. J. Neural - Tranm. 107: 1273 - 1287.
Adeiga A and Akinosho RA (2000): Study of relationship between tonsil growth and response to BCG vaccination in infants vaccinated under EPI programme. Nig. Quart. J. Hosp. Med. Vol. 10(1): 1 - 3.
Adeiga A, Akinosho RA, Audu RA and Onyewuche J (2000): Status of Tetanus Antibodies in Newborns of Immunized mothers. Nig. J. of Med. and Med. Sci. vol. 2, No 2.
Adeiga A, Omilabu S, Audu RA, Sanni F, Balogun A, Olagbaju O and Lakehinde F: Infant Immunization coverage in difficult to reach areas of Lagos metropolis. Proceedings of Afro/IMCI operations Research Regional Conference 3-6th October, 2000. Lusaka WHO/AFRO/IMCI: 24 - 26.
Audu RA, Omilabu SA, Renner JK and Awodiji JA (2000): Risk factors, clinical features and management of children with diarrhoea in Lagos. J. Nig. Infect. Con. Assoc. 3(1): 24 - 29.
Idika N, Odugbemi T, Ogunsola FT and Idigbe EO (2000): An assessment of existing common traditional methods of water purification Afr. J. Clin. and Exp. Microbiology. 3(1): 41 - 44.
Idika N, Odugbemi T, Anigbogu C, Adegunloye BJ, Mojuminiyi F, Elesha SO and Azinge EC (2000): Water purification properties, cardiovascular effects of potash alum (Trona). Nig. Quart. J. of Hosp. Med. 10(2):132 - 136.
Idika N, Audu RA, Oyedeji KS, Iyanda J and Egbom C (2000): Investigation of different water sources as a possible cause of cholera outbreak in Lagos in 1997. J. of the Nig. Inf. Control Assoc. 3(2): 6 - 8.
Idika N, Idigbe EO, Agomo PU and Onkah MM (2000): Studies on the knowledge, attitude and practices of child carers of children with acute respiratory infections in some rural areas of Abia State. Afr. J. of Clin. and Exp. Microbiol. 1: 1 -11.
Idika N, Idigbe EO and Agomo PU (2000): Incidence and home management of ARI in children under five years of age in Isuikwato Local Government Area of Abia State, Nigeria. Proceedings of IMCI Operations Research Regional Conference 3 - 6 October, 2000 Lusaka. WHO/AFRO/IMCI. 76 - 79.
Milogo H, Guissou IP, Idika N and Coker HAB (2000): Etude pharmacochimique antibacterienne des extraits d'ecorces de trouc de parka biglobosa (Jacq) Benth.(Mimosacces): evaluation comparee de l'activite des extraits totaux et hydrocooliques versus gentamincine vis-à-vis de germs pathogens. Science et technique: Science de la sante 24(1) 2000: 97 - 103.
Okonkwo CA, Coker HAB, Agomo PU, Agomo CO, Anyanwu R, Asianya VN and Akindele SK (2000): Chloroquine- chlorapheniranime interaction in human malaria. The Nig.J. Pharm. 31: 30 - 34.
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Afolabi BM, Onwigho UB, Sanyaolu NO, Ekanem EE, Abegunde AT, Azimoh JE, Ogunshile FS, Ojikutu MA, Udeaja MN and Igbasi UT (2000): J. Malaria and Trop. Diseases (JMAT) 1(1): 13 - 76.
Otunbanjo OO, Mafe MA, Idowu ET and Adeneye AK (2000): Knowledge, attitude and perception of malaria in Lagos state.
Ogunrinde AF, Awolola TS, Rotimi O and Chandrashekar R (2000): Longitudinal studies of skin microfilaria and antibody conversion rates in children living in an endemic focus of onchocerciasis in Nigeria. Jour. of Trop. Paedr. 46: 348 - 351.
Awoloa TS, Manafa OU, Rotimi O and Ogunrinde AF (2000): Knowledge and beliefs of cause, transmission, treatment and control of human onchocerciasis in rural communities in south western Nigeria. Acta Tropica. 76: 247 - 251.
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